CORE, Design System Starter Kit

Start with a rock solid foundation and evolve from a simple system that work

As a coder and designer, I always try to optimize my workflow and to automate the repetitive and less enjoyable tasks in my work so that I can focus on innovative and creative experiences.

Even if a lot of Design Systems UI Kits are currently available, most of them contains a lot of predefined UI elements that don’t really match my own needs. What I was looking for is something that I can intuitively understand and easily scale and share with my team. This is why I started CORE.

Why Figma?

But the introduction of Figma made a huge difference. In short, it is free, made for collaboration and platform agnostic. You don’t need any other tools to share your designs or create a prototype. One tool, one place. Anyone can easily start to use it and without any account, which fitted with my idea of a universal framework :)

If you need more reasons to switch to Figma in your work, I also recommend these great articles :

CORE is always in development, so any feedback is very welcome!

I would like this starter kit to mainly act as a guide and helper. It should help you to kickstart your next web project as fast as possible.

Start using Core. Available at the Figma Community

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